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The XB4


Seating: 9 People
Dimensions: 427cm x 228cm x 127cm
Number of jets: 19

Shell Colours:

Shell Colours:


Another very popular swim spa option providing the ultimate party spa with seating for up to 11 people as well as four powerful turbo swim jets.  In addition to the swimming environment there are two deep corner seats to relax in and benefit from their full on back massage. An exercise kit can be added to transform your spa into a low impact aqua gym perfect for rehabilitation or general muscle toning.

This customer (pictured) in Epsom Surrey coupled his swim spa with a Covana Legend automated cover giving him all year use of his spa plus a really sleek look to his garden.

Product information

Key Benefits

You’ll have plenty of room to exercise and plenty of room to entertain in the XB4 with bench seating. Get your workout in and then gather your friends for a fun, relaxing night in your swim spa.

Customize your experience in the XB4 by choosing options that will help you get the workout you need and create the ambience that suits you.

Standard XB4 features include:

  • 19 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 4 Turbo Swim Jets
  • 6 Aurora Cascades
  • BlueMAAX™ Green Insulation System
  • DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry
  • Freeze Protection
  • Illuminated Drink Holders
  • LED Illuminated Swimline
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Attribute Set

  • Control System : M8 Technology
  • Insulation System : Northern Exposure System
  • Lounger : No
  • Panel Material : Ecologically Friendly Recycled Panels
  • Seating : More than 8 people
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Substructure : Steel Frame
  • Empty weight : 1134 kg
  • Full weight : 5851 kg
  • Litres : 4921
  • Amps : 32


  • Bench Seat
  • Rowing Seat
  • Fitness Equipment


Due to the various options that are available for each swim spa, we like to speak to you to make sure you get the solution you need. For availability and installation information, please call 01344 873323 or fill out our simple enquiry form below.