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Hot Tub & Pool Maintenance Surrey

All your hot tub and pool chemicals and accessories

Let our experienced pool and hot tub maintenance engineers look after things for you, leaving you more time to enjoy them. Maintenance programs are available for either your swimming pool or spa that suit your requirements and we pride ourselves on a discreet professional service.

Looking after your Hot Tub will help improve your spa experience and also improve the life of its components. Our hot tub maintenance programme is designed to offer two service options each aimed at rejuvenating the condition of your Hot Tub, getting it ready for the season ahead or closing it down after a busy year. Please have a look and decide which one best suits your requirements…

Standard service (£95)

Remove and clean filters, empty hot tub, clean all surfaces and apply a vinyl cover conditioner. Approximately 1.5 hour visit. (Re-filled by customer) For some areas we may charge an additional millage fee please phone to check plus some situations require extra time (for instance scale build up) which we would charge accordingly.

Annual pipe flush service (£145)

As per standard service with additional application of hot tub pipe flush to clean out lime-scale and improve water flow. Approximately 2 hour visit. (Re-filled by customer) For some areas we may charge an additional millage fee please phone to check.

Book four quarterly visits… Save money by booking in advance (£395 for three standard services and one pipe flush service saving £35!).

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your pool, whether you do it yourself or employ a pool engineer, and controlling the proper pool chemistry will help you save time and money in the long run. Accurate pool maintenance will extend the life of your pool’s equipment and structure providing maximum opportunity to enjoy the benefits of your investment.

As all pools are individual in their characteristics, environment and usage we can only suggest the ideal maintenance programme after a thorough, free of charge site visit. Our recommendations will of course be tailored to suit each customer’s involvement as some may wish to carry out certain tasks themselves while others are happy for us to provide a full service

Generally speaking a standard 30′ x 15′ outdoor pool where we provide weekly visits takes approximately an hour to net, brush, vacuum, backwash and check chemicals and therefore costs the customer £65/visit plus chemicals.

Our opening up and closing down prices can also vary depending on the condition of the water and equipment but again generally a standard 30′ x 15′ outdoor pool takes approximately 3 hours and therefore costs the customer £195 plus chemicals (just a guideline price). Green pools can take several visits but we will always try to minimize the cost by combining visits in similar areas as quite often chemical dosing is all that is initially required.

Call us today to discuss your maintenance requirements for your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub. 01344 873323