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Normal price £9.95 Special Xmas price £6.95 Pop in anytime before Christmas 2018 (Mention Advent Special Price)

Aquacheck are the world’s leading supplier of pool and hot tub test strips.

The are fast and easy to use giving bathers confidence in the results and the knowledge required to maintain clean healthy water. These tubs come with fifty test strips sealed inside and each test strip gives a reading for ph, free chlorine, total alkalinity and stabiliser.

ph-maintaining the proper level of ph helps prevent scale forming or corrosive conditions as well allowing ideal conditions for the sanitiser to perform at its best.

Free Chlorine-keeping the water free from bacteria or bugs is the job of the sanitiser which should be maintained at a specific level depending on the temperature of the water. The test strips give a reading on a scale from 0 to 10 and ideally hot tub water should maintain a chlorine level between 4 to 6 parts per million.

Alkalinity-this is an indication of the concentration of alkaline substances in the water, the correct level allows the ph to become more settled and less likely to fluctuate.

Stabiliser-most sanitisers have an element of stabiliser build into the granule or tablet to protect them from being weakened by direct sunlight. This protection stays in the water and its level builds up over time. The strips give an indication of this build up on a scale from 0 to 300.

This offer applies to an equivalent tub of bromine test strips if required.

*Whilst stocks last*

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